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Message 106 - Posted: 26 Feb 2013, 17:03:35 UTC
Last modified: 26 Apr 2013, 17:50:11 UTC

Finally, we start the solution of a new problem. As more academic than scientific project at the moment, we wanted for some time to get our students involved into it. Eventually, two of our students from Technomathematics programme (lt) – Stasys Biekša and Aivaras Sukackas have got interested in creating a graphical visualization for our current “DES key searching” application. And today we release the new application version with graphics developed by Aivaras (

So far, graphical application is available only for Windows. You can try it out from BOINC Manager: go to “Tasks”, select running task from “VGTU project@Home” and choose “Show graphics” or enable it as BOINC screensaver.

We have included some information on our university, city and the country. We hope you will find it interesting!
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Message boards : News : New problem (#5) to solve!

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