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Vadimas Starikovicius
Project administrator
Project developer
Project scientist
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Joined: 3 Jan 12
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Message 250 - Posted: 16 Mar 2018, 9:48:45 UTC

Dear VGTU project@Home users,

We are constantly working on the current research problem.

Although, you don’t see changes in the client applications (versions are the same), generation of work and assimilation/processing of the results are changed from time to time.

After one of such changes, the bug was introduced into generation of tasks (workunits). We believe that we have fixed this bug in work generator on Monday, March 12. It seems that there are no problems with the tasks/workunits generated since then. However, some older erroneous work units may still be there… We don’t know exactly which to cancel them. Don’t worry, no time is lost: application simply fails to start and generates ERR_TOO_MANY_EXITS error after some number of trials.

The good news is that we have started to write a draft of the paper on the current research using our BOINC project.

With best regards,
The Project Team.

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Joined: 17 Feb 12
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Message 251 - Posted: 26 Mar 2018, 22:44:38 UTC
Last modified: 26 Mar 2018, 22:44:49 UTC

Thanks Vadimas, keep up the good work.

Glad bug has been fixed.


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