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Posted 22 Dec 2015 by Alez
Thanks for the information. Will remain attached and await the next batch of units, although if the work is moving through the system fast enough you may consider running more than one problem at the same time. Crunchers tend to prefer a steady flow of work or are you using the results from the previous batch to generate the problem for the next batch ?
Good luck with the research and publications.
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Posted 21 Dec 2015 by Alez
Great to see you back. Is this a test of a new project or do you intend for there to be new work available on a regular basis ?
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Posted 3 Dec 2013 by Alez
The Scottish Boinc Team

Welcome to The Scottish Boinc Team ( established in 1999 as Scotland's Seti ), one of the oldest and we'd like to think, best Boinc teams around. After joining the team here, head over to our forum Join us.

We crunch for all Boinc projects and are always adding new ones as they come along. Our aim is to use our spare computing power to advance human knowledge while enjoying some friendly competition amongst ourselves and with other teams. So if you're Scottish by birth, ancestry, residence, emotional attachment or even if you've no link whatsoever with Scotland but just fancy being part of a lively friendly team, please come join us, everyone is welcome. Take part in shaping your team, chat, get help and advice or help others. Participate in Team challenges and competitions both with ourselves and other rival teams. It's a very informative, user and newbie friendly, forum with stats, team and individual milestones, information and lots of help. Come join us, you will be assured of a warm welcome and it's easy to do.

Come see our website and forum.
Reading is free without registration.
Team members can Register and will be able to immediately post and be granted access to additional private team areas.

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