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Posted 10 Apr 2019 by Profile Coleslaw
Thanks for the update Vadimas. And thanks for fixing the "posting issue" I mentioned. :)
2) Message boards : Cafe : Challenge to stress test the project for DC-Vault inclusion (Message 165)
Posted 20 Mar 2016 by Profile Coleslaw

We have created a challenge so users can help us determine if this project can handle the extra load of a project challenge. We encourage everyone to join in and run it as hard as you can. The dates will be from 4/1-4/8 and you can have your team captains sign you up in the link above.
3) Message boards : News : New application (Message 153)
Posted 28 Dec 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
Is that 50 per host or 50 per user? I would caution limiting per user as there are many of us with server grade systems in our homes. I have one 4P system with 48 cores alone. However, limiting to 50 per box would still be a short limit for that rig, it would certainly be much better than 50 per user...

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