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Posted 24 Apr 2020 by Profile Bill F

The paper has passed through the review process and is accepted for publishing. We will post the link when it will be published online. Currently, we are working on the final proofs.
In the near future, we plan the update of server code with the GDPR updates. However, new computations are unlikely in the near future. New applications are only discussed currently.



Do you have any updates regarding any new applications being reviewed for future deployment ? The volunteers that assisted you on the last project are the tyoe to help you with your next science based effort.

Thank You
Bill F
Dallas TX
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Posted 9 Apr 2020 by Profile Bill F
Updated BOINC Clients for Win 64, Mac OS X 64 and Linux 64 have been released for public use

Bill F
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Posted 10 Oct 2019 by Profile Bill F
While waiting on your reviews were you able to progress on the GDPR updates.

Do you have any developmental projects in the pipeline ? The volunteers who helped with Grillage are looking for work and your next effort.

Bill F
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Posted 20 Oct 2018 by Profile Bill F
The recommended version of BOINC has been raised to 7.14.2

This is for Windows and Mac OS X (64-bit Intel) Version 10.6.0+

Bill F
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Posted 23 Aug 2017 by Profile Bill F
Has the subject of Badges for recognition of levels of work completed been discussed. This is a form of positive feedback for volunteers who do not work for coins.

Bill F

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