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New application
Dear VGTU project@Home users,

We have decided to stop the computations with the current application for dynamic visual cryptography based on non-linear oscillations. Some results have been obtained and published. However, new ideas are needed to move forward.

In the meantime, we have developed a new application in collaboration with our colleagues from the VGTU Department of Information Technologies. New application is solving the grillage optimization problem with parallel global optimization algorithms. More detailed description is here.

We thank you for your active participation and hope that you will find the new application also worthy of your computer’s time.

We have tried our best to test it. However, some undiscovered issues may appear. So, we will start with small portions of work.

With best regards,
The Project Team.
19 Jul 2017, 17:25:31 UTC · Comment

Application description update
Dear VGTU project@Home users,

We have updated information on our current application for studying the dynamic visual cryptography based on non-linear oscillations. Extended description and scientific publications on the topic are presented here.

With best regards,
The Project Team.
15 Mar 2017, 14:09:44 UTC · Comment

SSL enabled for VGTU@Home project server
Dear VGTU@Home users,

We have obtained from our university SSL certificate for our project server. Trying to minimize configuration efforts, all non-SSL traffic to is now redirected to

Now, the communication during login is protected from the man-in-the-middle attacks.

We have also changed project’s scheduler URL.

However, at the moment, we do not plan to change project’s master URL.

Please, inform us in case of problems. Some problem could be expected with older internet browsers and BOINC clients.

With best regards,
The Project Team.
13 Oct 2016, 13:19:08 UTC · Comment

Paper accepted for publication
Dear VGTU@Home users,

We are glad to share with you the news that our paper "Application of distributed parallel computing for dynamic visual cryptography" has been accepted for publication in Journal of Supercomputing. We will post the link to the article as soon as it will be available on the journal site.

With best regards,
The Project Team.
27 Apr 2016, 16:12:15 UTC · Comment

New problem #3 to solve
Dear VGTU@Home users,

We start solving the new problem. We have again increased the problem size. The speed of computations is increasing. Solving previous problem it was reaching 4.5 TeraFLOPS. The optimal solution was found in workunit solved by user RDC from the BOINC Synergy team.

As always, we thank our users for active participation, especially our top users. We are glad to inform that our university has agreed to test the usage of computers from the two classrooms in our project. You can see their contribution under the user ITSC from the VGTU team.
7 Mar 2016, 11:59:30 UTC · Comment

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