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RATT_Samis ("Ein ewig R├Ątsel will ich bleiben - mir und anderen...")
Rafa Hens El Califa [Cordoba] ("")
RAD-Poland ("I'm a member of cross-project BOINC@Poland Team.")
RDC ("I've been crunching on and off since SETI@Home opened to the public.")
Razor_FX_II ("Proud Member of Team [H]ard|OCP and the [H]ard DC Commandos")
Ralfy ("BOINC Enthusiast ")
RushPill* ("Generally I am a Lord... But today I do not work... Is too much affairs for Guardian...")
rebel9 ("BOINC enthusiast. Programmer.")
Restaurant London Belgravia ("I am a British Lebanese, I work in the catering industry, I run a restaurant in London...")
robbysites ("I am from Florida enjoy crunching and folding for TEAM EVGA.")

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